This page has been created in response to numerous blogs, websites, and social media postings created by a cyber-stalker to ruin Randy’s reputation.

Bat World Sanctuary and its cyber-stalker

An obsessive, mentally unbalanced cyber-stalker in Beverly Hills, California has dedicated much of her life to spreading lies about Randy on the internet and trying to ruin his online reputation in an effort to get revenge for a lawsuit he won against her.  It started when Randy agreed to represent Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary in a lawsuit against a person who calls herself "Mary Cummins" aka "Mary Cummins-Cobb" aka "Maria Rivera" aka "MaryQueenofScoots," etc.  Bat World Sanctuary is the world's largest rescue/rehabilitation/teaching sanctuary dedicated exclusively to bats. Amanda Lollar, its founder and president, is an internationally renowned bat expert, rehabilitator, and author of 7 books, including the definitive medical reference book on insectivorous bats that is used worldwide by veterinarians and wildlife centers. Bat World and Amanda have appeared on the Discovery Channel, 20/20 Downtown, Animal Planet, Nickelodeon, the CBS Early Show, and Late Night with David Letterman. In 2005 Amanda Lollar received the Doris Day Kindred Spirit Award, and in 2008 she was a Top Ten Animal Planet Hero of the Year Finalist. In 2013 Bat World was listed as number one in an article entitled "10 Amazing Wild Animal Sanctuaries You Should Support," by  Amanda has twice been nominated for the prestigious Indianapolis Prize, the world's top award for animal conservation.

Mary Cummins, contrary to what she says on her websites, has admitted in federal lawsuit documents that she is "unemployed" and "does not own a business or company." Indeed, she has openly confessed on the internet that her occupation is "causing havoc on the web." Because Cummins apparently comes from a wealthy family and is unemployed her victims believe she is a trust fund beneficiary and/or lives on an inheritance. This is most likely true since "causing havoc on the web" is not an occupation that typically generates much income. Mary Cummins also likes to refer to herself as "president" of something she calls “Animal Advocates,” some sort of suspended entity that she claims to have at a small shack she lives in. In addition to constantly blogging about her victims and filing lawsuits against them, Mary Cummins spends her days making YouTube videos that show her clutching baby animals such as a squirrel, opossum, or a sick raccoon with her bare hands. The animals are often screaming.

Defamation of Randy's client

Mary Cummins briefly interned at Bat World in 2010 but apparently found the work too challenging to complete and left the internship early and disgruntled. Unfortunately, at that time Bat World did not do background checks on people who applied for internships and was completely unaware of the websites and blogs that others had created about this disturbed individual (see last paragraph below.)  A powerful lesson was learned. Mary Cummins immediately began posting copyrighted photos and proprietary information on the internet without Bat World's permission and in violation of her internship contract. When she refused to remove the proprietary material from the internet Randy agreed to take the case pro bono and filed a lawsuit against Mary Cummins of "Animal Advocates."  Mary Cummins was outraged over being sued and retaliated by inventing horrific lies about Amanda Lollar and posting them all over the internet, falsely accusing her of being cruel to animals, practicing veterinary medicine without a license, getting sanctioned by animal regulatory authorities, losing her USDA permit, posting pornography, and countless other outlandish lies. It is important to note that Cummins did not concoct any of these lies until several months after she was sued. She feverishly began creating hundreds of blogs attacking and defaming Amanda.  Mary Cummins also started filing repeated complaints against Amanda Lollar with state and federal law enforcement and animal regulatory agencies. Again, this barrage of false complaints only began after she was sued, in retaliation for the suit.  Needless to say, Amanda Lollar and Bat World were completely exonerated by all resulting investigations--the investigative reports may be viewed at Bat World's website. The Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife got so tired of investigating Mary Cummins' baseless allegations that their attorney finally told her they would no longer respond to her complaints about Amanda and Bat World.

The cyber-stalker's own attorney tells the court she lied

Mary Cummins initially had a lawyer but he withdrew from the case early in the litigation after informing the court that Cummins had lied and her “wild claims are false.” Mary Cummins even claimed that Randy had physically “assaulted” her during her video-recorded deposition while her lawyer was "asleep." This absurd accusation was refuted by her lawyer and disproved by the court reporter’s sworn affidavit as well as the video. Cummins refused to consent to her lawyer withdrawing from the case but, after a court hearing in which her lawyer described Mary Cummins' bizarre claims and lies, the judge allowed him to withdraw. When Mary Cummins realized that a video recording and the court reporter's affidavit proved that Randy did not touch her during the deposition she decided to start blogging that Randy had "intentionally bumped his entire body into mine" at the courthouse.  Cummins fabricated this story because, unlike the fiction she had made up about the deposition, there was no video that would prove she was lying and she could simply claim there were no witnesses. These are just two of the many lies that Mary Cummins of "Animal Advocates" has concocted about Randy and spread across the internet to get revenge against him.

$6.1 million judgment against Mary Cummins of "Animal Advocates"

During a four-day trial in June 2012 highly trained expert veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators and other experts from around the United States testified that Amanda Lollar’s knowledge, care, and treatment of bats are the gold standard among wildlife rehabilitators. Witness after witness testified about Amanda's love, devotion and compassion toward animals and totally disproved each and every hideous lie that Mary Cummins had spread across the internet. After listening to all of the witnesses, viewing videos, and scientific literature, and after considering Mary Cummins' testimony as well as her "evidence," Judge Bill Brigham not only found that Cummins' accusations against Amanda Lollar were completely false but that her lies were "egregious as well as malicious as well as intentional." He further stated on the record that Amanda Lollar is to bats what Jane Goodall is to primates. He ordered Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates to pay $6.1 million in actual and punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees (read Star-Telegram article.) He also ordered Cummins to remove the defamation from the internet. Mary Cummins has not yet paid the entire judgment and, because of constantly accruing post-judgment interest, she still owes $6.4 million.

Cummins' internet attack campaigns

Following the trial the cyber-stalker launched comprehensive internet attack campaigns smearing everyone she apparently now blames for her miseries--Randy, Amanda Lollar, Judge Brigham, Judge Sudderth, Eric Shupps (the IT expert who testified at trial), and even the process server who served her with the lawsuit papers. Mary Cummins later added Amanda's California lawyer and two California judges to her obsessive vendetta.  She has created countless websites, blogs, and social media pages designed to destroy these people’s reputations and ruin them on the internet.  One of Mary Cummins' attack strategies is to publish as much personal information as she is able to dig up about her victims and their families, along with her nasty commentary about that information. Here is a small sampling of the personal information about Cummins' victims that she has dug up and posted on the internet:

Her victims' home addresses; dates of birth; their children's names, birth dates and school district; their spouses’ names, birth dates and employers; monthly income; information about their parents; a brother’s suicide; court records from a bankruptcy 26 years ago; food preferences; marriage and divorce information; schools attended; non-profit boards that a spouse serves on; amount of home mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, and utilities; bank records; a judge’s personal hobby; high school yearbook photographs; names of siblings; home remodeling photos; property values; veterinary records of pets; and many other items of personal information.

The cyber-stalker ominously broadcast over the internet that she has Amanda's social security number. (Amanda has safeguards in place in case Cummins' plan is to sell it to the highest bidder or use it to commit identity theft.)  Mary Cummins posted on the internet that Randy’s son is adopted.  Of course there is only one reason why a person would do this. Fortunately, Randy’s son already knew he was adopted. When Mary Cummins was unable to dig up any “dirt” on Randy, she concocted outrageous, bizarre, and sometimes despicable lies about him and posted them all over blogs, websites, and social media pages.

Mary Cummins' occupation: "causing havoc on the web"

Mary Cummins has described her occupation as "causing havoc on the web."  Since Cummins is unemployed and most likely lives on a trust fund or an inheritance she is able to devote her life to this peculiar occupation by endlessly spewing hate and lies about her victims with her daily blogs.  Mary Cummins uses her skills as a professional search engine optimizer to make sure the blogs and pages she creates attacking her victims appear high in search engine results. For example, the entire bottom half of her pages consists of dozens of strategically selected key words and phrases so that when a person Googles her victim's name the pages and blogs she has created smearing that victim will appear high in Google results, if not at the very top.  Another technique Mary Cummins uses is to put high-value key words into her page titles, descriptions, and HTML and link the pages to each other. This insures that anyone who Googles the names of her victims will be directed to her blogs, thus inflicting maximum possible damage to her victims' online reputations. She does not worry about being sued for defamation because she (mistakenly) thinks she knows how to hide her money from judgment creditors after being hit with a $6.1 million court judgment for defamation.

Wikipedia blocks Mary Cummins

Wikipedia got so fed up with the cyber-stalker's repeated attempts to smear Amanda on their site that they blocked her from posting anything on Wikipedia about Amanda Lollar or Bat World. Of course Mary Cummins was livid. She angrily railed at a Wikipedia administrator, "Why are you stalking me here? I need a copy of the page you deleted." (It seems that everyone Mary Cummins comes into contact with "stalks" her, "harasses" her, "defames" her, or all three. (See below). This is breathtakingly ironic coming from a woman who stalks her victims' emails (see next paragraph), files police reports against them, creates countless blogs attacking them, sues them, and was ordered by a court to pay $6.1 million for "egregious and malicious" defamation.) During one of her rants against Wikipedia Mary Cummins inexplicably started yammering about her sister doing "some crappy horror movies." Wikipedia responded to her nonsensical ravings by telling her things like, "It doesn't seem like you're getting the message; let me see if I can phrase it more clearly. You have agreed to post nowhere on Wikipedia, whether on an article, a talk page, a user page, anywhere, about this issue and these people," and "A very quick way to earn a permanent block would be to get someone to be your stalking horse and do so for you," and "Wikipedia is not your version of the truth; You have a bias and you are unable to overcome your bias." After heated arguments and Mary Cummins' grudging promise to stop posting about Amanda and Bat World Wikipedia finally agreed to unblock her.  In one last jab Mary Cummins snapped at the administrator, "I am not posting about BWS on wiki. Enough said, buddy."

Stalking her victims' emails

Mary Cummins uses advanced cyber-stalking technology to secretly track her victims' locations and identify the computers they are using when they read their emails. She also tracks the personal emails her victims send to others to learn the identities of the recipients of those emails.  In an attempt to intimidate her current victims with her email-stalking abilities Cummins posted the following on the internet:

"After I sent (an email) to Randy Turner he read it on his iPhone in Lindale, Texas. He then forwarded it to Amanda Lollar in Mineral Wells, Texas nine minutes later. Amanda Lollar sent it to her other ISP then she sent it to Randy Turner who read it on his iPhone and then he read it on his desktop at his house. Then Dean Rocco (Amanda's California attorney) opened it this morning in L.A. He then replied to Randy Turner who opened it on his desktop at Bailey & Galyen and back again."

"Amanda Lollar has been emailing her attorney Randy Turner about this today back and forth a few times. Amanda emails him at night. He of course reads her email at 8:00 p.m. while he's at home."

Secretly stalking people's emails is only one small example of the extreme lengths to which this mentally unhinged individual will go in her obsessive pursuit of her victims. Counter measures have been implemented by her current victims to prevent Mary Cummins from stalking future emails, hacking into their computers or infecting them with viruses, or stealing their identities.

Blackmailing a philanthropist?

Mary Cummins of "Animal Advocates" does not limit her obsessive internet attacks to those with whom she is involved in litigation. For reasons unknown, in the fall of 2013 the cyber-stalker unleashed a global internet smear campaign, including over 50 separate blogs, furiously attacking Gary Michelson, a well-known philanthropist and friend of animals who founded the Found Animals Foundation. Mary Cummins blathered about the shape of his head and called him "an insecure deeply troubled pathological megalomaniac with sadistic tendencies." (According to Cummins, virtually all of her victims are mentally ill.) In the middle of one 27-page rambling attack on Michelson she strangely started babbling about tampons and having to "go back to pads or I'll be forced to get a tattoo..." Then she oddly included a five-step diagram showing how to insert a tampon. As usual, one of her main harassment techniques was to publicize as much personal information about her victim and his family as she was able to dig up, along with her usual nasty commentary about that information. She posted Michelson's family tree; information about his grandparents and where they immigrated from; his parents and their divorce; her theories about his sexual orientation; his mother's remarriage; his wife; child; brothers; stepsisters; birth dates; his upbringing; extracurricular activities and social life while in high school; his mannerisms; religion and ethnicity; copies of his medical and pilot's licenses; his high school yearbook photo; his dog's name; etc. etc. Because of Gary Michelson's prominence, Cummins' history of suing for millions of dollars, and the fact that she has no discernible source of income, many of her victims are convinced that her motive is to blackmail him into paying her money to remove her attack blogs from the internet.

Attacking animal rescue organizations

In early winter of 2013 the cyber-stalker launched a vicious internet attack on the head of a non-profit organization called "Never Cry Wolf Sanctuary." According to their website they "rescue and nurture wolves and wolf-hybrids that have been abused or abandoned."  Mary Cummins decided to furiously attack this person in her blogs, accusing him of "lies and fraud," being a "con man," "defaming and libeling me," etc. In other words, the standard Mary Cummins vitriol; only her victim's name had changed.

This troubled cyber-stalker's last victim in 2013 was the founder and chairman of Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, a non-profit organization whose mission is "to save animals from abuse, neglect, slaughter and premature death and provide a safe place for them to live the remainder of their lives." A few days before Christmas Mary Cummins debuted a fierce attack campaign against the founder and her organization, spewing her usual venomous lies (they "promote animal cruelty," "defame me," commit "tax evasion," etc.)

One of Mary Cummins' most recent victims is the head of an organization called "The Cathouse on the Kings," whose website says they are "California's largest no-cage, no-kill lifetime cat sanctuary and adoption center."  The reasons for Cummins' internet attack on this person are unknown.

Most of Mary Cummins' non-lawsuit victims are associated with animal welfare in some way. Although no one can be certain how she selects her non-lawsuit victims for internet smear campaigns or what her motives are, the prevailing theory among amateur psychologists is that she targets people who help animals because she envies and resents the public recognition and respect they receive.  According to this theory, Mary Cummins is driven by chronic feelings of inadequacy and pathological jealousy.  Of course, this was the case with her original attack on world-renowned Amanda Lollar and Bat World. This theory could also explain Mary Cummins' strange need to make YouTube videos of herself clutching screaming baby animals with her bare hands-- sort of a desperate plea to "Look at me, I can rescue animals too!!" Another popular theory is that unemployed Mary Cummins is simply an unmedicated paranoid sociopath, consumed with hate, who sits in front of a computer 16 hours a day trying to destroy people who help animals.

Attacking her own mother

Even Mary Cummins' own mother is not immune from her vindictive smear campaigns.  In winter of 2013 Cummins decided to roll out a blistering internet attack on her mother, accusing her of "fraud," being a "tax cheat," "property tax fraud," "stealing," "forgery" (another one of her favorite accusations), "making illegal and unpermitted" additions to her home, etc., etc.  Clinical psychologists can only speculate as to why Mary Cummins felt compelled to let the world know how much she hates her mother right before the holidays. (Interestingly, prior to this vicious attack Cummins had claimed that her mother was dead.) A team of volunteer amateur psychologists has methodically researched and studied Mary Cummins on the internet. After scientifically analyzing their findings they diagnosed three pathological conditions listed in the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). Their diagnoses are expertly documented and discussed in detail in a fascinating book Amanda is writing about Mary Cummins entitled "The Self-Destruction of a Morbid Cyber-Stalker." (Volume One is expected to be released in late summer 2014.) Sadly, on Thanksgiving Day 2013 when most normal people were enjoying time with their families Mary Cummins spent the day feverishly creating a new rambling blog attacking Amanda, her husband, Randy, a retired police officer in Pennsylvania, and an artist in New York, accusing all of them of "supporting animal cruelty," being "mentally ill," and "harassing, stalking and defaming me." Alas, Mary Cummins' regular victims--Amanda, her husband and Randy--are all too familiar with these standard ad nauseam accusations which are straight out of the cyber-stalker's playbook. Unfortunately, the police officer and the artist will have to learn how to live with being viciously attacked and defamed on the internet.

Stalking a war hero in a nursing home?

During a deposition this malicious cyber-stalker repeatedly asked Amanda where her elderly father lived and which nursing home he was in. Amanda, quite understandably, repeatedly refused to tell her.  This caused Mary Cummins to angrily announce in frustration, "I reserve the right to depose Ms. Lollar again to get the name of the nursing home!!!" After the deposition Mary Cummins went back inside her shack and bizarrely posted on the internet, “I have no desire to harass her dad in a nursing home. I've known where he is living for over a year.”  Amanda’s father had absolutely nothing to do with Mary Cummins or the lawsuit. Major Luther Lollar was a kind and gentle man, quietly spending the last part of his life in a nursing home.  He was a highly decorated WWII and Vietnam combat veteran who had saved the lives of many fellow soldiers in battle.  He was a true American hero and he was none of Mary Cummins' business.  Why did this cyber-stalker want to know where Amanda's dad lived? Why did she go to the trouble a year earlier to find out where he lived? Mary Cummins' sinister announcement that she knew his location was clearly intended as a threat. This deranged cyber-stalker's sick obsession with Amanda's loving, vulnerable father terrified Amanda, especially given another unrelated post where Mary Cummins crowed, “I have a gun with hollow points; I bought this one for shooting at close range; I can instantly drop someone with this gun and these bullets.” Amanda had no way of knowing what this depraved lunatic had in mind for her disabled dad.

Punishing the Texas judge

This cyber-stalker does not tolerate judges who rule against her. Even the highly-respected judge who presided over the Texas trial did not escape her rage. In addition to attacking Judge Brigham on the internet, Mary Cummins publicly posted a six-page rambling complaint that she said she filed against him with the Texas State Commission on Judicial Conduct almost a year after the trial. Cummins' complaint was nothing more than another one of her sociopathic rants, full of lies intended to ruin the judge. Needless to say, after investigating her frivolous complaint, the Judicial Commission promptly dismissed it. As usual, this prompted the cyber-stalker to ramp up her vicious smear campaign against the judge to punish him for ruling against her. In addition to publishing new information and commentary about Judge Brigham's marriage and divorce, Mary Cummins' blogs blather about him "cheating in court," "committing fraud upon the court," etc. It should be noted that Judge Brigham has served as an FBI agent, county judge, district judge, and court of appeals justice and has received numerous prestigious awards recognizing his integrity, knowledge of the law and distinguished service as a jurist.

Punishing California Judge Goodson

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates also launched an extensive internet smear campaign against California Judge Carol Goodson who denied her ridiculous application for a "restraining order" against Amanda. (See below). Cummins created a blog about the judge and published as much personal information about the judge's family as she was able to dig up, including information about the judge's father, husband, ex-husband, her daughter's name and date of birth, a link to the judge's financial records online, the judge's income, information about the judge's ex-husband's new wife and daughter and their horse hobby, and much much more. Mary Cummins said the judge is "evil" and "crazy." As usual--and consistent with her standard tactic of filing complaints against her victims with government agencies--Cummins announced that she will "make a report to the judicial commission."  Like her complaints against Judge Brigham and Amanda it will be thrown out, of course, but that doesn't matter to the cyber-stalker because the purpose is to exact revenge by harassing the judge and destroying her reputation.

Punishing California Judge Hess

When the sheriff seized one of the cyber-stalker's bank accounts to pay part of the $6.4M she owes Amanda Lollar Cummins filed a frivolous motion in the California court to stop the money from going to Amanda. After patiently listening to Mary Cummins' nonsensical harangue, Judge Robert Hess denied her motion, which prompted Cummins to quickly drive back to her shack and launch her routine internet attack campaign against this judge. She prefaced her diatribe by saying, "In my years as a pro se (litigant) I have learned a lot about the 'justice' system." Then Mary Cummins fulminated about how the judicial system is "corrupt," "crazy," and "f....d up" and how Judge Hess "hates minorities, women, poor people, homosexuals and pro se's." And, of course, Cummins accused the judge of suffering from a "mental illness." In other words, it was the standard Mary Cummins drivel. Her attack on the judicial system was quite ironic coming from someone who files so many frivolous lawsuits (see next three paragraphs.)

Frivolous lawsuits in federal court

This unemployed cyber-stalker is extremely litigious and quickly started filing frivolous lawsuits against Amanda Lollar to get revenge. Of course no lawyer will represent Mary Cummins in these personal vendettas but, because she has been involved in over 20 lawsuits around the U.S. and has been sued at least four times for defamation, she is savvy enough to act as her own lawyer. In fact, Mary Cummins boasts (falsely) on her blog, “I always represent myself and I always win.” She filed a federal lawsuit in California against Amanda Lollar and three of her previous victims from many years ago along with ten anonymous "John Does," alleging defamation and various idiotic legal theories she most likely found by doing a Google search.  Incredibly, she even sued an IT expert who had testified against her at trial, claiming he "defamed" her and "inflicted emotional distress" on her. (His trial testimony actually was very compelling and probably did cause her some distress.) As usual, her retaliation lawsuit against this expert witness was quickly thrown out by the judge. And although Mary Cummins also tried desperately to convince the judge that her lawsuit against Amanda Lollar and her other victims was not frivolous her entire lawsuit was summarily thrown out of court. All of her frivolous claims against all victims were dismissed.  She tried to appeal the judge's ruling but the Court of Appeals dismissed her frivolous appeal.

Because her harassment lawsuit against Amanda was a loser, Mary Cummins decided to file a second retaliation lawsuit in California federal court against Amanda Lollar. In this second case she added 15 new defendants--some of whom were on Bat World's board of directors and others no one has ever heard of--claiming that she had been wronged in various ways while she was at Bat World.  One of her sillier allegations was that she had bumped her head while trying to climb through a window at Bat World almost two years earlier and it was somehow the fault of these 15 people who were not even in the same city when it supposedly happened. After ruling that Mary Cummins had acted in “bad faith” the judge threw out all of her nonsensical allegations in this second frivolous lawsuit and then transferred her bump-on-the-head claim to a Texas court.  Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is demanding $500,000 in her head-bump lawsuit for her supposed “injuries.” The Texas judge, on his own and without being asked, promptly dismissed 13 of her victims from the lawsuit. Fortunately, Cummins' imbecilic head-bump lawsuit against Amanda and two others is going to be dismissed by summary judgment so that the court's time will not be wasted on a trial.

Frivolous lawsuits in state court

Predictably, not long after her first two frivolous lawsuits against Amanda Lollar were tossed out of California federal court Mary Cummins decided to try her luck in state court and filed a third harassment lawsuit against Amanda to get revenge, this time in California superior court. As expected, after patiently listening to Mary Cummins try to justify her third ridiculous lawsuit in which she requested a "restraining order" against Amanda Lollar--who lives over 1,000 miles away in Texas--the superior court judge not only threw it out, she also ordered Cummins to pay Amanda's lawyers over $6,300 in attorney's fees for having to respond to such a frivolous lawsuit.  The fact that the judge ordered her to pay the other side's attorney's fees speaks volumes, since judges normally only do this in the most blatant cases of lawsuit abuse. Serial litigants like Mary Cummins who use the legal system to harass their victims inevitably end up paying a high price for their malevolence.  Of course the cyber-stalker was outraged and within hours after the court's ruling, she was back at her computer, savagely attacking and smearing the judge and posting personal information about the judge's family on the internet. It seems she didn't appreciate the judge throwing out her lawsuit and telling her to "get out there and start working to pay the judgment."   In what Mary Cummins' victims would call a gross understatement, the judge also informed her that both she and her application for a restraining order against Amanda were "annoying." As usual after losing, the cyber-stalker filed her standard frivolous "motion to reconsider" and motion to disqualify the judge. (Mary Cummins does not decide that the judges in her cases are unqualified to preside over her lawsuits until after they rule against her.) And as usual, her frivolous motions were denied....which prompted Mary Cummins to quickly drive back to her shack and post that the judge has "major mental issues." Cummins then launched an elaborate internet smear campaign against Judge Goodson and Amanda's California attorney and began posting on the internet all the personal information she was able to dig up about their families and children.

Suing her neighbor, Los Angeles, and the CEO of Google

Unemployed Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates has been filing bizarre lawsuits against her victims in state courts for many years, presumably in hopes that one of them will hit the jackpot so she can move out of her little shack without having to get a job. (It will have to be a really large jackpot now because Amanda is entitled to the first $6.4 million of her winnings.) The following are just a few examples of her lawsuits: Mary Cummins once sued her neighbor, claiming he "took a sledge hammer to my house, stalked my husband and me, tried to stab my husband with a machete, and stabbed the hedge trimmers through the fence at me." On another occasion, when she discovered something about herself on the internet she didn't like, she actually sued the CEO of Google and tried to get a restraining order against him personally, claiming he was hosting blogs that were "harassing, libelous, and defamatory." Of course the court denied her ludicrous request. Mary Cummins even sued the City of Los Angeles claiming, among other things, "sexual harassment" and "interference with business relations" (this is one of her favorite nonsensical allegations that she likes to put in her lawsuits).  Cummins apparently hoped to finally get rich quick with that ridiculous lawsuit by claiming "general damages" of "$1-2 million."  Needless to say, her lawsuit didn't quite work out the way she hoped and the unemployed cyber-stalker now lives in a small shack and says she is "indigent" with a "net worth less than zero" at the age of 47. Interestingly, Mary Cummins did not try to get a restraining order against a man who, she claims, threatened to cut off her husband's penis. (She later admitted under oath that she was never married.)  The list of insanity goes on and on and would take up too many pages to recount here.

False police reports and psychotic babbling

Sometimes instead of--or in addition to--suing her hapless victims Mary Cummins reports them to the police for "stalking" and "cyber-stalking" her like she did with a prominent California attorney, a well-known Los Angeles newspaper editorial writer, and most recently, Amanda Lollar. Not surprisingly, after the cyber-stalker's frivolous lawsuits against Amanda Lollar were thrown out and efforts were underway to collect the millions she owes Amanda, Cummins frantically resumed her favorite attack strategy of repeatedly filing false police reports about her victim with the FBI, the Los Angeles Police Department and various other law enforcement agencies around the U.S.  In her frustration Mary Cummins' public accusations against Amanda Lollar have literally become psychotic. Cummins' latest lunatic ravings on the internet about her victims include the following statements:

"Amanda murdered her baby," and "posts pornography;" she "committed crimes" by "ordering a hit on me" by a "paid thug," by "committing identity theft," "forgery," and "extortion," by "stalking me, by repeatedly telephoning me with "death threats" after getting drunk on beer, and by "encouraging convicted criminals to attack me;" "Amanda is obsessed with my breasts;" "I was a C cup by age 11;"  "I hand wash my bras because I don't want them to shrink;" a psychiatrist "told me that Amanda Lollar is in love with me;" "She has more wrinkles than I do;" "I was a member of Junior Mensa" (there is no such thing); "the Los Angeles Police Department thinks Amanda (who lives over 1,000 miles away) is a lesbian;" a man in the Cayman Islands "said he was going to cut my husband's penis up into tiny, little pieces;" "I am "living in fear" that "Amanda will have someone burn down my house and kill my animals;" "Randy and Amanda need to be in the padded section of jail;" "Amanda needs to be institutionalized;" "Amanda admitted under oath that she is mentally ill and vomits in court," and, because of one of her victims, "I'll have to go back to (menstrual) pads or I'll be forced to get a tattoo...;" "Bat World is paying Amanda Lollar's legal fees."

Fortunately, it seems that the law enforcement agencies are completely fed up with this cyber-stalker's insane histrionics and are now ignoring her (see next paragraph).

Threats to kill Amanda Lollar

The apparently delusional mental state of Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates as seen in her frenetic internet postings indicates that she may be seriously mentally ill, unmedicated, and potentially dangerous. While obsessing on Amanda this deranged cyber-stalker posted on the internet: "The police actually told me to shoot her dead." (It is unknown if this is the same police department that "thinks Amanda is a lesbian.")  She has also posted, "I went through the police academy, took the gun class. I've been going to the range." In response to her lunatic ravings about shooting Amanda, her internet followers posted things like, "Mary whatever you do...if you shoot her make sure you shoot to kill;" "Take that menace to society down;" "It's 9 mm time;" "She needs to be held underwater for about an hour;" and "Someone needs to throw water balloons filled with urine at her." It should be noted that, with the exception of a few deranged psychopaths, most of these internet "followers" who are encouraging her to commit murder are believed to actually be Mary Cummins herself using fake identities. Mary Cummins proudly--and ludicrously--proclaimed that Amanda Lollar "will soon be arrested." However, a short time later Cummins posted that when she went to the police and was unable to talk to a detective about Amanda Lollar, "I refused to leave the police station," and "I will try internal affairs." Police departments always attract crazies and the Los Angeles Police Department obviously figured out long ago what they were dealing with. Mary Cummins' threat to go to "internal affairs" is a sure sign that she is going to sue the city again if they do not arrest or kill Amanda Lollar soon. This pathological Beverly Hills woman (who, by the way, thinks she is actor Charlie Sheen's "neighbor" and posts photographs of Jennifer Aniston's house and obsesses about her on Facebook, Google, blogs, Twitter, etc.) seems to believe that if she files enough frivolous lawsuits and false police reports, and if she spreads enough lies all over the internet something is eventually bound to stick, enabling her to finally destroy Amanda Lollar--a selfless woman who has devoted her entire life and virtually all of her worldly possessions to rescuing, rehabilitating, and caring for her beloved animals in Mineral Wells, Texas.

Other victims of Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates is obsessive, vindictive and relentless. She has been attacking and smearing countless victims on the internet, posting personal information about them and their families, filing police reports against them, and suing them for many, many years.  The federal and state courts are obviously tired of her endless frivolous lawsuits, motions and appeals. Chronic lawsuit abusers like Mary Cummins clog up the courts and prevent legitimate cases from being heard. When she has been sued by her victims she has claimed that she couldn't be held liable by courts because they didn't have "jurisdiction” over her.  However, when Mary Cummins tried to sell that asinine argument to a Texas judge it fell flat and she wound up owing her victim $6.1 million, plus $25,000 per month interest as long as the judgment remains unpaid.  Numerous websites and blogs about Mary Cummins have been created by her victims over the years. They have been pushed way down in Google and other search engine results, most likely due to extensive search engine optimization by the cyber-stalker. Here are just a few of them:

Nutcase Mary Cummins

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Victims of Miss Cummins

Mary Cummins, A Cyber-Stalker?

Mary Cummins Google Bombs

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Mary Cummins, Stalker of Annette Stark and Tiffany Krog

Mary Cummins Special Series

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Stalker Alert Mary Cummins

Unfortunately, the current laws are inadequate to deal with mentally troubled deviants like Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates who use the internet to destroy others.  Defamation lawsuits may be filed and won but cyber-stalkers can simply hide their assets, ignore the court judgments, and keep on telling lies about their victims on the internet.