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Animal Law

Randy Turner has always been an advocate for animals. He has worked as a volunteer on wildlife conservation projects around the world, including orangutan rehabilitation in Borneo, Indonesia, elephant conservation in Kenya, and black rhino conservation in Zimbabwe. He has represented and served on the boards of directors of several animal welfare organizations. He is a volunteer attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund. A portion of his law practice is devoted to representing animal rescue groups, humane societies, animal rights activists, and others who help animals. Randy represented the dog owners in the Texas Supreme Court case Strickland v. Medlen where he argued that pet owners should be allowed to recover the sentimental value of companion animals that are wrongfully killed rather than just their market value.  He is a founding member and past chairman of the Animal Law Section of the State Bar of Texas.  He frequently lectures on animal law and has testified several times in the Texas House of Representatives and Senate committee hearings on bills pertaining to animals.  Randy handles the following types of animal law cases:

  • Defending animal rights advocates in criminal and civil cases
  • Representing animal rights activists in defamation lawsuits
  • Representing rescue groups, humane organizations, and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Claims against pet shops, breeders, groomers, kennels, and puppy mills
  • Animal cruelty
  • Municipal animal ordinances
  • Dangerous dog proceedings by cities
  • Claims involving service and assistance animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act, and Air Carrier Access Act

Animal Welfare Organizations:

Texas Humane Legislation Network  – Past President
Humane Society of North Texas – Past Vice-President
Animal Legal Defense Fund  – Volunteer Attorney
Companion Animal Protection Society – Legal Counsel
Animal Angels – Legal Counsel
Bat World Sanctuary – Legal Counsel
Good Shepherd Rescue of North Texas – Legal Counsel
Angie’s Friends – Legal Counsel
In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue – Legal Counsel
Dallas Companion Animal Project – Legal Counsel
I Once Was Lost Animal Advocacy – Legal Counsel
Duck Team 6 Street Dog Rescue – Legal Counsel
Happy Haven Horse Rescue – Legal Counsel
Lucy’s Lost Love Ones – Legal Counsel
Lone Star Doberman Rescue – Legal Counsel
Trinity GAP Rescue – Legal Counsel
West Side Animal League – Legal Counsel
A Rottie Rescue, Inc.– Legal Counsel
Cowtown Loves Animal Shelter Pets – Legal Counsel
Animal Connection of Texas – Legal Counsel
Doodle Rock Rescue – Legal Counsel
Heaven’s Helpers Pet Rescue – Legal Counsel